Model & Shape Build / Aluminum Profiles

Based on our experience with our own tool making, where we use one of our machines, we have developed them further for the requirements of model making. Machines which fulfil these requirements are also used in the production of aluminium profiles in the car industry.

The high accuracy, rigidness and strength that is needed in the model and profile making is achieved through:

  • rigid construction with a fixed and integrated machining table within the enclosure,
  • direct measuring systems in all 5 axes,
  • laser measurement and machine calibration with spindle error and sheet sag compensation at all levels,
  • near complete error compensation of the spindle,
  • gantry drive with 2 motors for the construction,
  • linear motors in the X and Y axes,
  • fastest NCU of the Sinumerik family, the NCU 730,
  • spline and data compressor.

For the aluminium processing, the machines can be equipped with a cooling system (option 9.22)) or minimal lubrication.

For the processing of model foam the machines are enclosed and linked to an extraction unit (option 10.1) ff).

It is possible to integrate a swarf conveyer to the machine for the removal of swarf.