In the year 2000 we set out to reach a globally leading position for our complete range of products in keeping with our motto "one step ahead". Correspondingly, we keep working on a global presence by industrial representatives to consolidate this success.

Our motto -  "one step ahead" – is also the guideline for process optimisations in deep drawing and plastics processing

Manfred Geiss - Chairman of the board

Our corporate philosophy is to make our expertise, creativity and decades of experience available for the greatest possible benefit of our customers. The improvements in quality assurance and productivity provide clear competitive edges:

  • The simple and clear internal structures as well as the centralised production facility and management allow quick and efficient handling of all jobs coming up. This provides high flexibility and fast response to all demands.

  • Our team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, designers, programmers and specialists is creative, competent and highly committed to optimise your production processes. We do not tread a beaten track but new paths jointly with the customer. You can draw on our experience and know-how in mechanical engineering.
  • The machines we develop whether thermoforming machines, milling machines or our TT-in-one machine are always state-of-the-art for a long time ahead. The reasons are not least the high-grade equipment and the possibility to retrofit and upgrade the machines.

  • To complement the range of  machinery and lines the GEISS company provides a first-class service including fast support in case of problems and the opportunity to train operators.
  • Our international customers benefit from our role as Global Player. They do not have to put up with long downtimes in case of a problem. Quick supply of spare parts and solutions to problems are always guaranteed by GEISS. A net of competent and long-standing representations all over the globe consolidates our role as global player. You too may benefit from our commitment, know-how and team spirit.


In short:
Our customers are assured to be always "one step ahead" with us.