1948 Foundation of the GEISS company in the Franconian city Sesslach
The founder of the company  Georg Geiss (+) realized that plastics, a new material at that time, is the future for a wide range of productions. The GEISS company starts the manufacture of moulds for vacuum forming.

founder of the company Georg Geiss (+)

1957 First vacuum forming machine
With the development and construction of the first vacuum forming machines, the GEISS company ranks as one of the most innovative companies in the plastics industry. Many of the current equipments are developed and realized here, for example:

  • the first vacuum forming machine in flat design,
  • the first bottom heaters for vacuum forming machines,
  • the first microprocessor controlled vacuum forming machine and
  • the first automatic sheet feeding machine.

1970 Entry of Manfred Geiss into the company

With the son Manfred Geiss the company enters the second generation. Over many years the trio Georg Geiss (+) as chairman, Manfred Geiss as technical director and his wife Klara Geiss as financial manager run the company successfully which continues to grow in the 80s and eventually has a staff of more than 100 people.

Klara and Manfred Geiss

1999 Commissioning of the new plant
The new plant is completely organized to cope with the sequence of operations and with its modern structures provides the best conditions for optimal manufacture for years to come.

the new plant in Sesslach 1999

the new plant in Sesslach 2005

2003 Change of status into a incorporated company

(AG - Aktiengesellschaft)

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