Modern parametric CAD/CAM systems (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) support new design engineering, assist modifications and exceed by far the pure processing of geometry.

CAD/CAM systems are available in the market for nearly 20 years and since then they are also being used by GEISS. The trend towards the application of 3D is rapidly gaining momentum. New functionalities provide assistance in the design of subassemblies.

In the field of tools, patterns, moulds and prototyping, since 1989 GEISS is relying on the company TEBIS since their CAD/CAM systems are specifically geared to tool, pattern and mould making with an emphasis on operating efficiency and high performance.

Complex tools such as refrigerator containers, industrial Twin-Sheet parts, milling jigs for the automotive industry etc. must be manufactured with short cycle times and nearly net shape with few or no secondary operations. Meanwhile at GEISS all tools are completely designed with the Tebis system. It is used for the programming of NC processing machines and also for the generation of milling paths for second operations (plastic parts, airbag weakening etc.).

The design office for mechanical engineering at GEISS uses the globally successful MEDUSA product family that provides complete solutions for the plotting of drawings. This product family is based on a core that is independent from a platform which, along with a user interface also independent from a platform, guarantees highest flexibility of the operating system.

For the creation of circuit diagrams we presently (still) use two different software products. These are MEDEA on OpenVMS and EPLAN on Microsoft operating systems. In future however we will only use the EPLAN software product for the creation of circuit diagrams. This phase-oriented and parameter controlled system is modelled on the usual working method of designers. It supports every project phase and achieves highest efficiency also in complex jobs with many features and automated functions and is easy to use. As market-leading solution EPLAN has evolved as global standard for CAE.

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