Due to the high variety of machines the product creation process is not feasable without computer integration (Computer integrated Manufacturing). From the customer inquiry, which is dealt with electronically via parametric construction, the resulting productions programs, the automatic order of the components needed with the supplier up to the customer-specific machine data for the final product, GEISS company attaches great importance to a high automation level.

There following classic parts of a CIM- conception will be used:

  • CAD (Computer aided Design): All constructions will be done supported by computer based CAD-Programs. Currently also with this method the circuit diagrams will be created. In future all necessary data for an automatic creation of circuit diagrams get out of construction parameters.

  • CAM (Computer aided Manufacturing): All production steps will be controlled automatically based on schedule and guidelines of construction. Processing programs will be created automatically. Baed on that the manufacture will be started and monitored.

  • PPS (production planning and control): In the production planning and control system all order causes, order management, ordering system and scheduling will be automatically proposed and monitored. 

  • The integration of all processes supported by an according to a configured and optimized network based on specific interfaces realizes a smoothly communication of all involved processes and production areas.

  • CAT (Computer aided testing): In specific reasonable areas computer based testing and simulations will be done for cost reduction and improvement of quality.

Supported by all these methods also serial production machines with order quantity equal 1 can be produced economical and efficient.