The prime example for a full automation at GEISS is our newly designed series TT-in-one.

The TT-in-one series is a unique system which combines thermoforming machine, feeder and CNC equipment into a single unit. The reason fort he name ist the "t" for thermoforming machine and the "t" for "trimming-device".

This fully automatic plant gives users 2 decisive edge over competitors. The in-process stock (between thermoforming machine and CNC machine) is no longer required and the automation ensures a more uniform quality of the products.

Explanation of the functionality considering as example:

Thermoforming machine, CNC trimming station and automatic part handling are the essential components of a production line conceived by GEISS to manufacture planting tables up to 6.3 m long. So far these tables were made by gluing together several formed parts in order to achieve bigger dimensions. One of the problems in the design was to feed these long formed parts every 100 seconds from the thermoforming machine to the CNC machine and to remove them again from the machine after trimming. Furthermore, the formed parts had to be turned manually through 180° which was very awkward likewise. This difficulty could be overcome by the line devised by GEISS in accordance with the TT-in-one concept.

This approach to automation which comprises all steps from heating the plastic sheets up to stacking the vacuum formed parts is based on a double magnetic path that is also used as primary part for linear rmotors. This path is used by three waggons driven by linear rmotors to travel one by one into the CNC station.
The first feeding unit operates as a transfer station that takes the formed parts by from the thermoforming machine and puts them onto the supporting mould of the trimming station. The second waggon carries a CNC trimming head to trim the mouldings 3 mm thick which can be replaced by an ultrasonic cutting head for thinner mouldings. After trimming, the third feeding unit removes the mouldings and takes them to the unloading station where they are turned through 180° to enable stacking. Finally the stacks are removed by a fork lift truck.

An essential advantage is the improved precision in the interaction of thermoforming and CNC-trimming. Due to smaller temperature differences the product materials are less affected by stress and last longer when being further processed.

More advantages of this system: 

    • networking of PLC and CNC,
    • with ultrasonic cutting unit and swarf extraction,

with halogen heater elements (for higher outputs),

linear motors substantially increase the processing,

  • no limitation to length due to the system, hence available for any size (due to the parametric principle, in the same way as for the thermoforming machines and CNC trimming machines).

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