Halogen Heater Elements

In the meantime the option halogen heater elements is our big hit, one of the 3 inventions that helped establish our global leadership.

This development has greatly expanded the potential of the single-station vacuum forming machine, we can even ass

ert that multi-station machines as a result of this development, have once more to prove their right to exist! Up to now we installed the equipment of both heaters with heater elements type FLASH in nearly 250 GEISS thermoforming machines. We chose the name Flash Heater because of it"s power.in a flash.

The performance of this type of heating element allows the customer, when choosing the options, to decide whether to buy a conventional single-station vacuum forming machine or a" racing car". Unlike earlier he has now the possibility to get in a single machine type a flexible machine for prototyping and small production runs as well as a machine for mass production!

Let's think back into the past. Each new investment prompted us to consider whether the new plant was to be a single-station machine (flexible yet slow) or a multi-station machine (less flexible, with problems at each re-start, not suitable for all materials, but fast). The added inconvenient was that the frame systems and the substructures were different (even from the same supplier) with the result that the moulds, once fixed, had always to remain on this machine type!

Consider now the benefits of fitting a single-station machine with halogen heating elements! One and the same machine can today be used to home-assemble the new formed part on a provisional wood pattern while 5000 series parts can be started as of tomorrow! A part once prototype released can be series produced using the same program as for the prototype!

The GEISS halogen heating element is far superior to conventional heating systems. Once again the advantages at a glance: 

  • On the basis of its short-wave infrared radiation, the heating time is slashed and the output can be increased by 25 to 40 %,

  • energy saving – by extremely short start-up times and quick heating up to the desired operating temperature, the energy consumption per mould is reduced by 18 to 25 % compared with quartz elements, 

  • due to its extremely short reaction time, the machine needs no longer be preheated,

  • the start-up of new products is substantially accelerated by the immediate reaction of the element to changes in intensity,

  • in the idle position – due to the lightning speed of reaction, the heating remains OFF. The thermal load on the machine is less, wear is reduced and the cooling time is somewhat reduced due to the lower ambient temperature. 

In short, the flash elements are ideal for all thermoplastic materials: The low absorption at a wave length of 1 micrometer allows deep penetration of the radiation and perfect soaking of even very thick materials.

Typical element behaviour: Typ "FAST" quartz element:

Typical element behaviour: Typ "FLASH" halogen element:

Here you can find Infobrochure about Flash heater elements:

Now GEISS AG has again succeeded in taking a great leap forward: over two years of development together with company Philips we have developed a halogen element that combines several positive effects. The new heating element substantially reduces the influence of colour and at the same time increases the efficiency of the heating. The power consumption and the heating times for typical applications is markedly reduced! Multi-coloured printed plates of various thermoplastics are no longer a problem!


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