Airbag Weakening

Since 1998 we have manufactured machines for cutting weakening lines in slush and spray skins of instrument boards and door linings for cars. The accurate requirements with these skin weakening lines for invisible airbags are extremely high. The remaining wall thickness of the skins must be within a tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm. Specially developed automatic measurement and calibration methods guarantee a lasting, accurate repetition of the machine with a +/- 0,02 mm cutting area, even if environmental influences and temperatures vary. With this high accuracy of the machine it is possible to keep within the required tolerance even with elastic skins/materials.

Particular attention was paid to the development of an easy correction method for the wall thicknesses and continuous tracking documentation of all processing parameters for relevant safety.

Since 2004 we have used this process to trim skin weakening lines in sprayed instrument boards as well. Because the structure or the plastic is not changed during the milling process, the weakening lines are invisible even with a thin remaining wall. To compensate natural tolerance levels of injection moulds, GEISS AG has patented a system with which, through a precise three way measurement system automatically determines the precise position of the tool and considers this in the process. The actual remaining wall thickness can be measured with laser sensors and logged.

ultrasound trimming jig


Our experience in the manufacture of jigs also makes us the sought after partner in the automotive industry.




Modern Plastics India / February 2012
  Weakening (scoring) dashboards and door panels for invisible airbags