Window Plate System

The steplessly adjustable window plate system, developed and patented by GEISS, is the most successful development of the latest generation! This system consists of 4 separate plates that are infinitely movable towards each other, replaces the fixed window plate and has already been installed by GEISS in over 400 machines!

The advantages speak for itself:

  • no further investment for different plate apertures for new moulds,
  • no storage capacity for different plate apertures,
  • reduction of retooling times when changing moulds with different sizes, 
  • a correctly tempered window plate, moreover of the right size, is always available in the machine,
  • the infinitely adjustable window plate set meets any requirement. It can always be tempered ready for the sheet loader and can be removed easily since it does not need any fixtures. 


The steplessly adjustable window plate system by GEISS  


The window plate system includes 4 separate plates movable against each other like in a diaphragm. Our invention allows the stepless adjustment of both axes independently from one another! Except for our smallest sizes, the strokes are always the same. That machine axis which is directed from left to right (generally the longer axis) allows for example for our T series a reduction by 1000 mm and the short axis over the width of the machine by 500 mm! This means for example that in a thermoforming machine size 1800 x 1100 mm (an unusual size) the window plate system can be reduced to a minimum size of (1800 - 1000 =) 800 x (1100 - 500 =) 600 mm. The window plate aperture is always 40 mm smaller. This clamping edge of 20 mm all around is a feature common to all machines of our line and is independent of machine size and type and of the degree of automation of the plant!

This range of adjustment is generally sufficient. After all, the machine surface is reduced steplessly to 24% of its maximum size! Yet smaller sheets may result in an uneconomical use of such a big machine. There are cases, though, in particular with yet bigger machine surfaces, where this range of adjustment is not sufficient. In this case the window plate set may be replaced by another set that allows for still smaller sizes however the stroke always remains at 1000 x 500 mm!).

The experience gathered over many years with this equipment brings about yet another effect which at first was in the background: since the customer need no longer worry about window plates of existing machines, he can completely disregard any consideration for the past when choosing further plants. He simply chooses that size he considers to be optimal. We recall our possibilities of the parametric design.

The motorised adjustment of this option is standard, any size can be selected from the operator's desk. Further steps of automation are described in our option 45). Option 11) describes in detail the interchangeable plate sets.